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Have you tried everything to promote your internet marketing business? It may seem ironic that an internet marketer should have any difficulty marketing themselves on the internet… and yet it’s something that a lot of us do struggle with, simply because the market is so overcrowded.

But have you tried internet marketing solo ads?

Unlike using PPC – which means advertising on a platform alongside thousands of other advertisers – internet marketing solo ads will land directly in the inboxes of your potential leads. These are people who signed up for that mailing list because they wanted to learn about internet marketing. They agreed to receive offers and information about new products and business opportunities  – and that’s precisely what you’re going to be offering them!

Here at Jordy Tan Solo Ads, we have a HUGE pool of traffic that we’re just waiting to send your way. We NEVER buy email addresses. We build our audiences the natural, organic way. We provide them with tons of free value and we monitor our stats religiously to ensure that they’re still clicking and opening our messages.

That’s why our internet marketing solo ads work as well as they do. It’s why we see some of the best conversions in the industry and it’s why we genuinely think that this is the best value for money when it comes to marketing your business.

To get started with your own internet marketing solo ads today, get in touch or head over to this page for more information. You can provide us with the sales copy you want to include in the ad, or you can let our top sales writers handle that for you. Either way, prepare to drive a HUGE amount of targeted traffic to your site or offer.



If you’re on a budget, Jordy’s buyer list solo ads are highly cost effective.

They cost significantly less than other forms of advertising, so they can save you a real bundle and keep you on track with your budget as the cost is based on clicks.

Best of all, we usually will over deliver the number of clicks without any additional charges at all.


Jordy Solos have long lists of subscribers and provide you fresh list of subscribers through constantly building our list.

The subscribers are people who have chosen to sign up from our campaigns that pertain to promotions and offers in specific niche (and your niche, too!)

By using our solo ads, you are taking advantage of the targeted audience from our buyers list.


You don’t have to build your own list or send out ads yourself. Since you are using Jordy Solo Ads, you don’t have to worry about building your own.

Additionally, you don’t have to send out your ads yourself. Instead, we send them out for you.

All you have to do is provide the email ad copy and offer page you want us to have it sent to, and we will send the email ads out to our buyers list.

our guarantee to our buyers list solo ads


We guarantee that you will receive the number of clicks that you had ordered. Besides that, we also guarantee that the clicks that you received are around 70% to 75% from Tier 1 Countries.

For example, when you order a click package of 200 clicks, we will launch a solo ad campaign that is enough to generate results for 200 clicks.


Here Some Proof of Our Solo Ads Tier & Over Delivery

solo ads tier proof 1
solo ads tier proof 2
solo ads traffic tier proof
Well, don’t just listen to us. See what our past clients say about our Solo Ads Traffic

Everything great! Super fast and overdelivered

Matias Porracin

Thanks, Jordy. Awesome job. Clicks were over-delivered. Tier 1 clicks 92.1%. Opt-in rate 33%. I'm very happy with the results. Will absolutely do business again.

Lee Liu

Awesome run lots of optins thank you.

Cynthia Dearing

Job Well done. Delivered more clicks than discussed and good quality subscriptions. Recommended.

Chukwuebuka Onyebuchi

Great Seller! 93% Tier 1 and huge over delivery!

Lawrence Moore

Over-Delivered on clicks. 94.7% Tier1. 25% Opt-in Rate.

Neil Staib

Thank you Jordy. It was a pleasure doing business with you. You're great. Jordy is fast and responsive. I ordered 100 clicks in Business Opportunity. Jordy over-delivered. I got 84% Tier 1 click. Thank you Jordy for the great service. Have a wonderful business year.

Ronald Smith

Over delivered, tier 1 clicks 28% optins until now

David Arenas

Fantastic, overdelivered on quality clicks!

Nadeem Ashraf


Bingjie Liu

Great work and great optin rates! Thanks!

Clary Carson

great job

Jose Cerrillo Jr

Easy to work with. 95% Tier 1

Jason Grover

Was a pleasure to work with and way over delivered

Arlin Fehr

Very easy to work with, over delivered, thanks again.


25% opt-in rate and 96.6% Tier 1 clicks. Jordy delivered me 292 unique clicks!! amazing over delivery!! Will definitely work with Jordy again!!!

Yoan Devillers

Finally I've found a trustable and awesome Seller!! Heavily overdelivered and had 45 opt-ins. Just great work and will definitely buy again.

Richard Sulger

Over delivered an was a joy to work with!!

Brady Sherman
More  From Our Past Solo Ads Clients…

Jordy was great to work with as my opt-in rate was around 40% mark and he gave me some tips for my LP which I tried and adjusted for. Over delivered on my clicks. Tier 1 clicks were around 85% definitely will buy again. Thank you.

Ashdon Clarke

Thanks for the over delivery

Paul Nel

Thanks. Over delivered. Well done

Carlos Abisrror

My first time doing this and Jory was great helping me through the process. Thanks

Kristi Oakey

Thanks for the 100 T1s!

David Cliburn

Good stuff, fast response and good traffic!

Val Cameron

Good results and service from Jordy. This was my first time buying clicks, so lots of questions and Jordy always responded quickly and helped me through the process. He was great to work with.

Diana Kaniecki

Jordy was excellent on his customer service. I purchased 100 clicks and ended up getting 130 clicks. I will be a return customer..

Scott Unruh

Great so far - thank you!

Greg Douglas

delivered as promised

Edward Holley

Jordy delivered, 2nd time for me. Thanks!

Howie Lyke

tons of t1

Jeff Perry

Clicks delivered, Thank you

Shikkha Gupta

Lots of Tier 1!

Chad Bartlett

Outstanding job! Over delivered on clicks as well as a 96% Tier 1. Great job, will definitely buy from him again

Aaron Delezenski

Easy to communicate and he over delivers! I do recommend his services.

Janice Banks

Very good work!

David Hoch

Did as he said he would. Was very helpful

Lyle Reeve

Jordy was awesome and ready to help when needed. Very responsive and over delivers on his clicks and most were Tier 1. Had 25 opt ins for 100 click package in the Business Opportunity sector. Will use his services again with probably a bigger package.

Sean Mullan

Answers to Your Questions

What Is The Meaning Of Tier 1 Countries?

Tier 1 countries usually refers to the countries whereby their main language are English such as US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

When you buy our solo ads buyers lists, it consist of subscribers from these countries.

What We Don't Guarantee?

We always do our best to fulfil our service quality in delivering the number of clicks which you have ordered.

However, as there are many factors that result in poor opt-in rates or results such as product is irrelevant or unattractive, the landing page looks like a scam or copywriting of the landing page is not right.

Thus, we do not guarantee the opt-in rates and results.

How Can I Improve My Solo Ads Campaign?

In order to maximize your solo ads campaign, we don't recommend that you send the solo ads traffic directly to a product page.

It is because the targeted user might not be familiar with your product or offer and often they might leave the page. The offer might also be not attractive to them to buy at that point.

We strongly recommend sending the solo ads traffic to a landing page that is connected with an autoresponder before showing them the product page.

The targeted users that are interested in your offer will then opt-in and subscribe to your list. You can show them your product page after they had opt-in and you can follow up with them through your autoresponder.

How Can I Improve My Opt-in Rates?

In order to maximize your opt-in rates, we recommend that you offer visitors a relevant free gift such as a report or an e-book as a way to say thank you for their sign-ups.

For example, if your product is in the weight loss niche and would like to target the weight-loss crowd, give them a free weight loss report or an e-book in exchange for their opt-in.

After they had opt-in into your own list, you can always do a follow up with them again and sell them your product line or introduce your service.

You will find getting a sale easily with great products or services which will benefit them.

How Do We Buy?

We made it easy for our customers to get our solo ads in just 3 simple steps

1) Click Buy Now and Choose the Clicks Package.

2) Fill up your details and make a payment with a Credit Card or Paypal at checkout. (Remember to enter Take5 for a $5 discount)

3) You will be redirected to an Additional Order Details form for you to fill up the solo ads niche, landing page and other details after payment is made.

4) Once we received your order details, we will schedule and update you on the date of delivery together with a tracking link.

What Is The Lead Time And Delivery Time?

Once we received your order, we will need 3 days in advance to arrange the delivery of clicks to your offer.

In the event that you require our copywriting service for your email swipe file (ads copy), the delivery arrangement will be around 5 to 7 working days.

Once the delivery date is been scheduled, it will usually take 1 or 2 days starting from the delivery date to complete small clicks packages such as 100 clicks.


Jordy Tan Solo Ads Traffic provide high quality solo ads for internet marketing offers or products at affordable price.

Remember to key in the code TAKE5 during checkout to enjoy $5 discount…


Do you have a question to ask before getting our solo ads? We welcome any sort of inquiries or feedback that you might have. Just fill up the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.